Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Big day out

Well, tomorrow at 12:30 will be the opening ceremony of the multisensory/snoezelen room. It's sad that I won't be there... I'll have to rely on pictures or newspaper scratches. Who comes out with these names ? (Social Engineering Projects) and don't let me get started on the revamp of that wheelchair.... na ja! It's over.

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Anonymous Fernando said...

Is it just me... or the invitation says 12:30???

12:31 AM  
Blogger Axl Kun said...

I couldn't but laugh out at the name of the project :-D

Withing the hacker community, "Social Engineering' is the term used for the human part of hacking: posing as an employee to gain physical access to a computer, flirting with a secretary to get her boss' password out of her, etc

I thought you'd like to know about that :-)

Warm regards from San Luis Potosi!


6:52 AM  

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