Thursday, September 20, 2007


Mariana invited us to share her stand at Expo Rehabilitacion y Tecera edad next friday and saturday at expo Guadalajara. expo rehabilitacion y tercera edadI only have one week left in Mexico, and things are quite busy... specially dealing with outsourcing last minute. For example: we needed a piece for the old standers, I ordered 3 pieces just to have some spare parts in stock. Those bars have to be bent... we usually do that by rolling, but they took them to a pressure bender and broke them. Today they had to manufacture those pieces again... but they had to be with the anodizing guy yesterday! and we need one of those bars for the expo! I'll try not to worry too much.

Tomorrow morning I'll be talking with some "almost" graduate students of UAG. I haven't prepared anything yet, so I'll better stop blogging.

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