Monday, November 12, 2007

Inexpensive morphing concepts

This is like the manatees script generator they use at Family Guy, but this one generates "inexpensive morphing concepts"... like:

director's bureau - special projects- idea generator
  • revolutionary chocolate sex toy,
  • miniature edible machine,
  • inexpensive levitating orchestra,
  • do it yourself shrinking machine,
  • magnetic inflatable sound system,
  • oversized morphing car,
  • battery operated holographic clothing,
  • transparent collapsible hotel,
  • artificial invisible food,
  • pre-fab inflatable company,
  • nutritious edible magazine,
  • medieval aquatic restaurant,
  • erotic vibrating furniture,
  • artificial rubber animal,
  • mobile inflatable house,
  • eco-friendly nuclear appliance,
  • etc. (again via)
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