Monday, November 12, 2007

10 bad spanglish & malinchista design

This could happen only in Monterrey... well, not only, but it's typical Regio. Yes, I know that although el examplo de spanglishI'm writing this blog in english, I hate when people write or speak spanglish! Either one or the other... That's why I don't like cable TV in Mexico, I don't like the commentators or the movies and programmes just half translated! I certainly do not like Starbucks where people order a "pastel de bluebery" instead of "pastel de arándano"... and I certainly do not like restaurants with menus in spanglish... or this examplo de advertismo en spanglish. When people say "I am going to buy grocerias al supermercado"... etc. I feel that is a violation of my culture. When it's done by foreigner alliens, then it could be ignorance, arrogance or any other mental illness... but when it's a local, it's either low self esteem or malinche. It's neither cool nor hot, it's just horrible!!!

If it's any help, here are a few translations into correct spanish (note to organizers: there's no need to pay me any fees for this, OK)

designweek= semana de diseño
news= noticias
shape= forma
tickets= boletos
user= usuario
password= contraseña
newsletter= boletín
get it= obténlo
identity= identidad
Award= premio
"how design has an impact on shaping the global economy, society and culture"= "cómo el diseño tiene un impacto que dá forma a la economía global, la sociedad y la cultura"

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