Sunday, December 16, 2007

Te acuerdas Lampinho?

Oscar Niemeyer turned 100 yo yesterday. If that's not enough... he keeps a busy practice as reported by many sources... is it the daily glass of red wine, the pack of cigarrettes, or maybe "A woman at your side, and let God have his way" what keeps him so full of vitality? The Pritzker prize laureate is an example that clever minds never retire. For me, Casa das Canoas may be not as spectacular, but it is as amazing and iconic as FLW's Fallingwater. Then of course the imposing communist's styled Brasilia. There's more to learn from that experiment than from Las Vegas! I certainly can't imagine a futuristic city actually being like that... or people like Troy McClure living in houses like the Niteroi Art Museum. That's what people in the 50's imagined as futuristic... but hey! I also wouldn't expect any of that curvy furniture from 2001 to be actually on any space station. (check out the virtual reality) Speaking of anniversaries... I would expect the movie to be played in cinemas for it's 40th anniversary next year.

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