Thursday, January 24, 2008

The world has changed

the world has changed
  • It's nothing compared to a $5.30 Venti... That's high maintenance fuel!
  • Besides, we get a 4 cents fuel discount coupon when we buy our 2.5 l cokes from the supermarket... that's irony!
  • Since I started to have yellowish coloured eyes (like that shell fuel) for several weeks, I started to drink a mix of regular 91 coke and premium 96 coke zero... That's incredible!

PS : BTW this is 'round design's 300th post

Iraq Body Count web counterAddendum PS : (warning: images may be disturbing)

In my opinion, the actual price of a gallon of gasoline for our cars is something like: this, and this, and all of these, this one too, not to mention all these. Check out the ultimate price of loss ... and we are being fooled into believing that the only problem with gasoline is global warming!

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