Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Interactive architecture

Do you remember the interactive building in Austria? Well, there's a new similar installation in Stockholm: Colour by Numbers, in which anyone can make a phone call (If you are willing to pay a long distance call to Sweden) and change the colours on each window. Check out these beautiful pictures of the installation and watch the live video of the tower.
Call +46 (0)70 57 57 807 and follow the instructions to colour the tower. Select the floors you wish to colour using the buttons 0 to 9 on your phone. 0 is the topmost floor, and 9 the bottommost. Finish by pressing #. For example, if you want to colour the topmost four floors, you press 0123#. The colours on these floors are now controlled at the same time. Colour the selected floors. Use the number buttons on your phone to mix red, green and blue until you get the colour you want. For example: The top row of numbers controls the colour red. You get less red by holding the number 1 pressed down, and more red by holding the number 3 pressed down.

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