Saturday, November 18, 2006

DaVinci code

DaVinci's bicycleThere has been dispute about the authenticity of the "supposed" Leonardo daVinci's bicycle found during restauration of the Codex Atlanticus. I also believe it is a hoax... the evidence is even clearer than the pentagon hoax. We went to see the exhibition, Like a Bikeand it was evident that it doesn't fit with other items... (kinda like the sesame street song). It looks more like the "like a bike" (via) Anyway, many visitors of this blog are looking for "bicycle design" So, here's an excellent start point: "Bicycle design blog" by James, a comprehensive blog with sketches, trends, renders, ideas, technical information and "thoughts on man's greatest invention".

Bike Furniture DesignIf your reason to look for new bicycle design is "eco-design"... you might be interested on the "afterlife" of bikes: sometimes is renewal (refubrish), reuse (same condition, other application) or recycle (change of state into something new)... That's when a product ceases to exist for it's primary intention, and becomes something else, in this case, bicyclerecycle into Bike Furniture Design (by Andy Gregg).

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