Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mexican treats

We are enjoying my sister's gift (5 cans of diverse "guisos") and a bag of mexican candys that Moira was suposed to give to a mexican student, but she couldn't find him (or her) and now we've got them. We are planning to make a cultural hybrid and use the chamoy bars to make japanese rice balls...mmmm!

Today, my blog got accepted at the mexican blogs directory (see the small banner?) So, today I was browsing through some "compatriotas" interesting blogs. We mexicans are really one of a kind! Well, I visited so many blogs today, that I can't remember from which one I got this link to a very nice sample of mexican paintings (and some sculptures). It's really worth the visit, there are some amazing works like this one by Rafael Coronel:

At the library site there's also a link to a sample of Chagall's works.

Hasta la vista
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Blogger Jenn said...

That is a beautiful piece you posted. I'm a huge fan of latin american portraiture and visited an exhibit at the San Diego Museum of art the other day. Re: Chalgall - I'm another fan of his works + he came from the same village in Russia as my grandmother. ENjoyed your blog!

3:36 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

Thanks Jenn,

I'm glad you liked the mexican paintings. I am also a great fan of Chagall. I'll see if I can find some other mexican galleries.


4:00 PM  

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