Saturday, May 14, 2005

Design Jobs

This time of the year is the end of the school year (at least on the nothern hemisphere). That means also graduations. Students from one of my favourite generations are now prepared for "kick off" or as Sichem said: Lucky kick. But there's also the reality as the apple brochure says: "One day you are a student embarking on a glorious career. Two verses of "Pomp and circumstance" later, you're unemployed" (see previous post)

I am not a good advisor on that, but I found some interesting information that might help young graduates. There's for example RitaSue's brochure published by IDSA: "Getting an Industrial Design Job" (at the bottom of IDSA's publication's page)... that article is not on her own site : where you can find loads of publications and tips for job seekers. From writing a resume and organising a design portfolio to interview tips, etc. My favourite article is ID's "Making the grade" about the challenges on design education. Maybe I'll review later some of the ideas on that article... after I finish reading Octavio Paz!

Have a nice weekend everyone!
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