Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tomato soup

It felt like being vandalised by Banksy: The guy who puts his own paintings inside famous museums. Today we opened a New Zealand Campell's tomato soup... yes, like the one on Warhol's prints!

It was literaly as if the contents was replaced with a discount brand can of tomato soup! It didn't had the same flavour as the american (or mexican cans). It was Kiwi tomato flavour! Like Clemente Jaques' ketshup. Next time, we'll stick with the good ol' mushrooms soup, no surprises there!

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Anonymous Hooper said...

Mate I was this close to write a stupid remark on your thougthless post about jericayas.

However you must feel lucky I'm aware this is a public place, and I am a refined, tasteful and proud gentleman of the race of bronze... which --as you know-- is cheaper than gold... but prettier than iron.

As for canned Campbells's soup recipes... my favorite flavor is Cream of Sweetcorn, but on cold days nothing beats good ol' Chicken Noodle flavor.

Now, since you are far more a sophisticated fella, than I am...

...Way too american for my taste, but you can try looking here for new ideas on how to make a Cordon Bleu dinner out of a chowder can.

...Matta ne!

5:21 AM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

OK. I will never ask again for a recipie.

Chicken soup reminds me of being sick whith the flu... My favourite is Beef juice. But here in NZ there are only 5 or 6 kinds only... and beef is not one of them.

Yesterday was ANZAC day, a public holiday to conmemorate a battle in Turkey during WWI. Amyway, we stayed home all day. I started to print my portfolio.

I bought ink and paper last saturday. The photo ink was actually cheaper ($50)than the normal cartidge($60NZ). And I found HP semi-glossy paper (100 pages plus a 40 sheet sample pack of 4x7) for just $25NZ

The first trial wernt perfect. I printed a Bourgereau painting from ARC's web site. Then I tried with my portfolio. I used the small papers for trials, but it printed with too much ink. I tried to reduce the ink ammount, but it was still too much. I tried printing from tif, jpeg, pdf...until I decided to print as normal plain paper... and BINGO!

So, what I did is send them as high quality on normal plain paper, and it was perfect!


11:00 AM  

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