Monday, April 18, 2005

Can cam

It's not like the goldberg variations on Offenbach's gaite parisenne instead of J.S. Bach. It's a camera made out of a paint can. It's the next generation of lomography... Just imagine using 4x5 instead of the limited 35mm of an old Zenith!

Here's some info from their web site:

Paint Can Camera

That’s right - as the name implies, this über-simple pinhole camera is actually constructed of an aluminum paint can - one US quart to be exact. However, this particular paint can has been hand-modified to include a light-tight interior, an interior paint strip to guide film placement, and (of course) a precisely drilled micro-pinhole yielding an approx. aperture of f/250. The can’s typical round shape imparts a truly signature barrel-distortion to each landscape-oriented shot.

Magnetic Shutter or a "magnet shutter." It’s simple - peel the magnet off to start your exposure and place it back on the stop. For easy storage during exposures, the magnet will conveniently stick either the back or sides of your paint-can camera. When it’s not on your camera, the magnet may also be used to keep important documents or small photographs attached to your refrigerator.

This piece of minimalist photo equipment has been designed and hand made by Jim Kosinski - one of the premier masters of modern pinhole photography.

Using the simplest possible mechanics of camera design, the Can Cam accepts a large format piece of sheet film and turns it into something beautiful – a 4” x 5” sheet of dreamy soft focus and lateral barrel distortion. Our exclusive set includes the critical nylon changing bag and a fat box of 25 black and white sheets – everything you need to get started.
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