Friday, April 08, 2005

Good Art/Bad Art

I just love this article on modern and traditional art:

ARC Philosophy: Good Art/Bad Art - Pulling Back the Curtain by Fred Ross

Just have a look at Cleopatra... and what do you say about the suicide girl? By the way, check out on the ARC site the winners of this year's painting competition... amazing! or like most kiwis say: awesome!

Remember that I am no expert using flash, so, I was confused because a tutorial said that videos and sound had to remain on the same folder as the swf file to "stream" the audio and video. Well... I believed that, until I realised that audio and video were already embedded. When I saw the file size I tought: "Yeah, this is just like the frame for the video and only the mp3 audio could be embedded... a 35MB mpeg video and only 3MB is the size of the swf file... it has to be just the audio" What a nice surprise that is all inside the file! It is incredible!

I solved the other problem with my videos. I just had to "demux" my mpeg videos and use both files. Then the "LoadMovieNum" was kind of "see trough" I used a solid colour backround, but nevertheless, (you won't believe it) even with pictures or the video... the buttons on the lower layer could still be activated! So, I decided to convert the whole background into a big button, and problem solved!

Check out the tractor video inside the "tecos" (UAG) presentation on my web site.

ciao and good night
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Anonymous Hooper said...

Well, well, you got to know a new word! demux, wich happens to be a verb (you demux... I demux... she gets demuxed... ^_^)

Nice to see you are doing well with Flash, man you are gonna leave me on the track!

Sorry I haven´t being writing lately, but got some urgent jobs to do (thank's God), incidentally I decided to buy a domain for myself -they are on sale this month- and even tough there's nothing there yet, you can dial as well as mail me to or

Now I need to find a host for my real home, but I'm in no hurry.

By the way, if you don't mind the .mx suffix, you can buy your domain too, it's dirt cheap on april! (US$6.00 a year vs $35.00 nominal)

I'll write some more latter...

...matta ne!

2:59 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...


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2:23 AM  

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