Tuesday, March 22, 2005

User Centered Design

Well, I had to learn flash to renovate my site. It was the first time I used it. But I was not so happy with the main page (index) so, I decided to put there a game. I was already "playing" with the idea of making my own flash game... so I used a template to make my game.

The idea is to match some products with the potential customers. For example Avril Lavigne may be interested in buying an iPod, or Paris Hilton on buying some Dior shoes... etc. After a few days of trial and error, it seems that at least the first level is working... not bad when you have no idea of actionscripts and those things! he!

You will find the game later on my site.

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Anonymous Hooper said...

Yeah right.... No wonder Pedro Paramo won't take the drill and the guy in the Guilligan's Hat hates the iPod... sure makes sense

And what about the 5 rows?, and the timer?, and the wacky score? which columns belong to wich costumer? (why there are two anyway?)why they keep changing? arghhh!!!

Do I have to align the images in any way? if you try to memorize them... They change images altogether! are there even a finite number of them????....

You know why there are an estimated 580,000 slot machines in North America today?

Because there are a no-brainer to use.

Nice try, but a good UI need not to be explained, and good design must expand to good user support.

I know this sound harsh, but I also know that you prefer people to be direct an un unambiguos.

Matta ne!

7:06 AM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

Frustrating isn't it?

The idea is to match the 10 products with the appropriate 10 customers (only two of the clients show on the top boxes, and you have to click on the products that match any of them)

Yes, it's a bit tricky, because you have to be sure that a product really matches the person, and that it was not by chance (because it was the product matching the other customer)

Hint for begginers: concentrate only on one of the persons, say, the one on the left box, and see which is the product that matches him/her.

If you click on a product that doesn't match any of the two customers, the image will change randomly to other product and you will loose 5 points.

Hint: each person has only one choice of products. i.e. as much as you would like that Paris Hilton gets a cell phone, she will only "buy" shoes.

Perhaps Nam June Paik would like to have an iPod too, but certainly he would be more interested in the camera.

The moral of the story is that we sometimes think that everyone will buy a product, but you have to be sure about the real target market.

Yes, I noticed that it becomes a boring when you have only a couple of products left and have to wait until the right customer shows up...

Don't tell me that you didn't get to the second level???!!! or is it that all this years of playing Tomb Rider caused you carpal tunnel syndrome?

want me to send you a list of the right matches by e-mail? (that's like looking at the puzzle answers on the last page of the reader's digest, he, he.

Get a blogger ID so you can make comments on the main page of this blog... we can also use it to discuss about the movie project. You like that idea?


4:10 PM  
Anonymous Hooper said...

Nam June Paik?...

Well if the image was about half a pixel bigger I might've recognized him (I would have him matched to the lavalamps anyway ^_^).

So, who's the guy in the hardhat? David Hodo, the original Construction Worker from Village People? (He DO seems to like the Drill... :-P)

Now, what i'm complaining about is not whether the game is fun or not, but for it to be unintuitive, and the lack of an instructive in the page!.

If you really want to know about a good proyect for a blog, check this out: http://www.ishotmyself.com/public/main.php

About signing for a blogg.... I don't know..., I do like the idea of writing a blogg, but it's not really my media, and I sure don't need more distractions in my life right now.

But the main point is that this in, in my opinion, not the best place to chat about the movie, for any number of reasons (remember this is supposed to be a public place).

There's the ol' eMail for that.

I'll keep writing here just to annoy you, don't worry ^_^

4:04 AM  
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