Sunday, March 27, 2005

Hard drive

Well... you are right, maybe we're getting old. Do you remember when I used to have Ofra Haza and Bauhaus as "hard drive"... well, now it's birth of the cool constantly playing. Sometimes when I get tired, I change it for kind of blue... sigh!

Want to check out a game where you have absolutely no idea of what to do:

Took me almost until the start of "darn that dream" to figure out what to do.

Speaking of games, I updated the first page to include some instructions. I'll work during the week on the pictures page.

This weekend on NZ-sky tv: terminator 1 & 2... plus clueless and alien... =(

Not much to see, so Sandra and I decided to look at our old home videos. 97 & 98 in Guadalajara, the "tamagatchis", etc. Oh! good old times.
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