Saturday, April 02, 2005

...april, april

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Anonymous Hooper said...

I'm not superstitious... because it'ts bad luck!!!

Too bad the link you posted it¿s not working (at least now, I'll try again latter)but I can see by your mail the kind of stuff it contains.

If you like this sort of things, you'll love this one.

I've always wondered what's the story behind april's fool day, I mean, there is a story about the "santos inocentes day" no laughin matter really, but there is.

All I did find is: No one knows exactly how or when April Fools' Day originated, but it probably had something to do with the adoption of the Gregorian calendar in the mid-17th century, which resulted in the observance of New Year's Day being switched from the last week in March to the first of January.

Legend has it (i.e., for all we know, it's completely false) that the original "April fools" were those clueless few who, ignorant of the calendrical change, continued to ring in the new year on the eve of April first. In any case, ever since ancient times the advent of spring has been marked with lighthearted revelry and pranksterism.

Other than that you can find on internet hundred of sites about practical jokes like this or this which ties again pranks with hoaxes.

Matta ne....

3:52 AM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

Well, there's also a web site called disfunction junction or something like that with similar stories (urban legends).

I liked the story on "coca cola" He, he...

Thank you for the story on april's fool day. I knew only the story by Lisa Simpson in which the fools were the pagans... which makes it an American colonial invention...your story makes more sense, because, yes, I can imagine the people during Galileo's times celebrating in april because "they didn't get the memo" He, he...

Well, today I bought my desk... it was $260 and I only assembled half of it... it's suposed to be a corner, but I only used one side.

In other mathers... I saw toady the new wacom tablets with some buttons on it... they are a lot larger than the old ones (like my intuos 2) I mean for the same 4x5 working area, they are now the same size as the old 8x10!!! Are they really better or what is the difference?

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Hooper said...

Yeah... Gringo people have the tendency to believe they invented hot water...

...mind you, I once read on a serious magazine that Halloween was invented by the gringo pilgrims by combining european wives tales with indian superstitions (!)

Of course they also invented Santa Claus and Christmas (and lately there's a commercial dispute here in Mexico because some Gringos patented "flor de mayo" beans, thus claiming revenues on every crop we produce!!!).

...and on the same topic, you know Who holds the rights on the mexican anthem right?.

On to the Wacom tablet...

...The new Intuos 3 series are larger because they now include ExpressKeys and Touch Strips on both sides of the tablet.

...The Graphire series, on the other hand, are now slimmer and smaller.

I've been trying to get my hands on one for myself, but thet are obsenely expensive here in Guanatos (the cheapest 6x8 starts at US$200 but here you are charged MX$4,000 tax incuded!!!!!)

There's a cheaper option by Genius (the taiwanese company) only MX$800 + taxes (same 6x8, but with a battery powered stylus).

The reason I don't have one yet is that they don't provide a driver for the Mac (the tablet is USB enabled and all, but they don't believe in cross compatibility) and my main design axe is the Mac -duh!

...matta ne!

7:04 AM  

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