Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Same look

well, now it was time to adjust this blog to have a similar look to my web site. It is not so easy to work only with code, not a visual editor, but the new xhtml code is quite straightforward.

Not only my virtual world got a makeover... I painted one of the walls of the apartment to have a colour accent (terracota). More or less like we had in Monterrey. It really gives our living room a "house" sensation... really, like someone lives here!

I also used this hollidays to change my routine, and get some time to read. I haven't finished yet (just some chapters left for tomorrow), but I manged to read "la piel del cielo" (heaven's skin) by Elena Poniatowska. Very nice novel but the first third lacks some relevance to the whole point of the story. In my opinion it was not necessary to describe so many details about Lorenzo's childhood. However, it is always nice to read Poniatowska's description of mexican lifestyle.

I will comment on how I share some of Lorenzo's struggles later on.

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