Friday, April 15, 2005


Not only I became an expert on the Beatle's "butcher's cover", I also found a german site to solve anagrams. I tried my name, so, here are some of the best ones:

Jedenfalls, Lionel Varro
Jene Version, Dollarfall
Floras' Jodeln Allverein
Dollarverfalls? jein! noe!
Earl jedenfalls Livorno
Olav Riesenfall, Jodlern
Dollarfall Jones Verein
Dollarfall nervoes? jein!
von jedenfalls Lola Irre
Lars Love Jon Niederfall
jein! Dollarverfall so'ne
Jarls "faellender violon"
je! Dollarfall vorne sein
Rolllaeden vorfiel Jans
je! sonderfall Larin Love
Livlaenders jollen Afro
Jodlers reinfallen Olav
seelenvoll Jardin Flora
verfallend Jasion Orell
Sonja Lore Niederfall LV
ja! irr'n losfallende Love
jedenfalls verlor Ilona
allo..??!! von jedenfalls Irre
Oral LSD Vorfaellen? jein!
Jodlern Riesenfall oval
na ja! Villendoerfer soll...
Alfons Jodler Allverein
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Anonymous Hooper said...

Sonja sounds cute, You might want to start using it. And Oral LSD might help to explain certain quirks I remember about You ^_^

I'll try to solve the riddles and see were I can get, by the way did you know that German Chocolate is a kind of chocolate by itself? (like Swiss chocolate or Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate)

...matta ne!

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Hooper said...

Now I remember where I've seen all this anagram stuff.... You have been readin' Harry bloody Potter again!!!!!

Have you already preordered the new book?

7:18 AM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

That's nothing compared to Sandra's anagrams:

Ms. Hazard Hilton
(I knew they are relatives!)
Hmh! Tarzan's Idol
Mozarts Hahn Lid
Tarzans ihm hold
Hazard Lohn Mist
Astrid Holm Zahn
ihm Rolands Hatz
hirnlos Hatz mad
hah! Rolands Zimt
Hand ist Holzarm
Asthma Holz drin
hold'n Zimts Haar
hold's ihm Tarzan
shalom! dir zahnt
shalom! Hatz drin
normal Dish Hatz
Holzarm hat ISDN
zahmst Linda Ohr

I wonder about anagrams for "pejelagarto" ...

Here's the mp3 with the password for level 10, if you want to play CSI:

I guess the voice is backwards or something.

Thanks for the audio software, I don't remember why, but I couldn't install some of them... and the Cool edit version I have on the PC doesn't play mp3.

I kindda cheated on level 7, because I was looking for clues on the german chocolate when I found a site with the spoiler for that (and some of the first levels) So, the temptation was too much and I skiped that one. Turns out, it was an american chocolate bar.


10:42 AM  
Anonymous Hooper said...

Ms. Hazard Hilton????, like in Paris -Hazard- Hilton or Daisy Hilton, Duke of Hazard??

Maaaan, anyway you are one lucky bastard!

Any way, I turned your mp3 inside out and I'm sending it to you via mail.

Honestly I couldn't hear a thing, perhaps you need a dog ear (or an elephant's, since it got soooo low a frecuency and levels)

I'm sending you a copy with all levels raised, I also made a copy upping the frecuencies but the histogram gets weirder each time.

By the way, the mp3 tag has only one entry: 1.10 I dunnow if it helps.

For your anagram prog try -Joseph Ratzinger- he may be your next Pope.

...matta ne!

1:00 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

I got it!

I used Adobe premiere to modify the pitch to -680% i.e. reverse and fast.

I won't tell you the answer in case you want to solve the rest of the puzzle.


1:25 PM  

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