Thursday, April 14, 2005

Was für eine Schokolade ist das?

What does this have to do with design? I dunno...

I was browsing the designboom web site, and 2 hours later I am stuck on level 7 of this riddle ( ).

Which brand of candy bar is thaaat??? The only german chocolates I remember are Ritter Sport, Kinder Ueberaschung and Milka. HELP!

Any hints? This is actually more complicated than finding a matching customer! =)

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Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

Hi Hooper!

I told ya, I needed a sound editing sofware... now I'm stuck on level 10, and I can't play the mp3 backwards.

Have you seen my movies? And the old version of LOTR?


12:41 AM  
Anonymous Hooper said...

I did point you to some sound processing soft, now if you want me to wipe your nose for you too, mail me the file and I'll flop it over like a sock for you

I did see the movies (most of them any way) but I've found myself utterly unable to finish them... for some reason....

...I will, see them all... eventually...

By the way I got to know your nephew, funny story by the way.

Linda is very proud of him and asked me to go and visit her so she can put the kid on display for me (can't blame Her, all mommies do), and when I finally came over to visit... the brat took a look at me and started wailing from the top of his lungs!!!!

Linda was very upset and swore the kid is usually very friendly, but I had to grab the CD and run downstairs to prevent the neighbors from kicking your sister (and kid, and husband) from the building ^_^.

Now what really startled me is that I'm usually very approchable for the kids and animals (sometimes to my own chagrin), and I'm used to be smiled on.... I guess it's time to shave my goatee.

Rocio, my sister, was waiting for me in the car, and she said she could hear the baby cry!

Now this is totally unrelated, but since I have the feeling that you have whole a lotta time to experiment, i think that you'll love this.

...matta ne!!!

7:52 AM  

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