Sunday, April 17, 2005


Yesterday, while you waited for some CD's to be toasted, you had the chance to read Aura by Carlos Fuentes. Despite the controversy some years ago, you didn't got time to read it earlier.

It's interesting how is written in second person... it reminded you of how you used to joke about how young people use second person instead of pasive sentences. For example your students explaining their proyects: "you move this piece and you open this part" instead of "to open this part, this piece has to be moved".

Carlos Fuentes' novel is just about the right length... it is really hard for you to read on second person for a long time. Anyway, it gives you the feeling of really being there and not just observe and imagine from the distance. It's just the opposite effect as having people telling you stories, so that you can understand Laura's life.

You realised that the controversy about the secretary of labour banning that book is just outrageous. You imagined that if he could, he would actually burn many other books, starting by all Barbara Cartland's soft porn novels. And probably all issues of "el libro vaquero" which are actually more graphic than Aura. Milan Kundera or Gabo wouldn't stand a chance with a censorship like that.

You better start reading "platero y yo" to keep your mind pure and clean... or even better, you just go to Mc Allen.
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Anonymous Hooper said...

You better start reading Chronicles of Narnia before the movie sneaks up on You

As a matter of fact You bought the first couple of books just yesterday to re-read it in english, since it was more than a decade ago that You have the chance to read them in spanish and You don't remember a thing!

You know what, You are right, writing in second person is silly and tiresome, You should stop doing it this instant.

...Kimi wa, "matta ne" itta.

6:52 AM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

This weekend we bought "monsters inc"... it was on sale for $10NZ so, it's actually cheaper than a single movie ticket (13NZ). We missed the mexican jokes on the "pejelagarto" but it's ok.

I'll send you an e'mail later, because I have some ideas for our short film.

Have you finaly seen the Bogart version of LOTR?

11:56 PM  

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