Monday, April 25, 2005

Schnell Lieferung

Yet another suggestion for my birthday gift. Well, just in case you could find something like the delivery on this movie by Till Nowak :

It would make a nice present... Maybe there's a chinese pirate copy of a box like this at the "tianguis". Made me wonder about the eternal return discussion and nihilism once again*. Maybe when dinosaurs like me get older, we think about those issues.

The movie site has a set of images like storyboards, but they are actually presentation posters. (This was a final thesis project) So the posters are for the exam review, and explain details on how the movie was made using 3D studio Max. Look at the futuristic deutsche Post vehicle. Nice!

*Kundera discussed this too on "the unbearable lightness of beeing". And speaking of Kundera and Kitsch. Today we went to see the movie "Deep Blue". It's a nice movie... relaxing, not so many explanations, just nice images and music. Anyway, I just realised that Kitsch exists in nature too! Just look (in this gallery) how kitschig the deep sea creatures are! you know, the ones from deep sea abyss. Don't tell me that this "Pleurobrachia pileus" doesn't look like one of those toys full of led lights.

If all life comes from those creatures, well... there you have an explanation on why Kitsch is on our DNA!

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