Thursday, May 12, 2005

Not so "free"lance =$79

Today (or yesterday) I received an e-mail with an invitation to join a yahoo group for freelancers. That doesn't sound bad at all! Thing is, that the yahoo group doesn't do anything... it's just a page to re-direct to the real business, called :

In principle the idea sounds fine. You register as a designer and pay a $79US fee to get access to the information on the freelance jobs advertised. It's not that bad, when you think that many designers charge $80USD per hour. So if you get just a small job, it pays itself. Well, that just in principle, because each designer has to bid for the job, and the client chooses from them... So, there's no guarantee that you will get the job. In fact, you could spend the whole year biding for jobs without getting any. (being pesimistic)

Being optimistic, is a good way of finding international jobs. Clients and designers have different locations, so everything, including payment is done electronically. Have a look. I am not promoting this site, nor have registered myself... but someone might find it interesting.

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