Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Time travel

I guess that the binary watch is not such a good idea, unless you'd like to practice your binary counting skills, just like when you learn a new language. I remember counting people in german when waiting on queue at the bank. Anyway, here's a clever idea (via ektopia) on how to solve the problem of calculating the equivalent time on a different time zone.

"Earth is now a place. In the future, as we get more connected one to another, this place will need a new common language of time. New Earth Time, or NET, is a proposed global standard time which measures the global day with 360 degrees. NET runs right alongside your local time. Now you can act locally in your time, and globally in New Earth Time.

Earth is a place. Nowadays, we may watch the Olympics in Athens, soccer in Seoul, buy a book in Seattle, chat with a Parisian, and win a computer game in Singapore. This is the neighbourhood. Another few years, and this will be much more so with mobile, fast, always-on Internet. Now, all of our interactions need to occur in time. But which time zone do we use? Greenwich Mean Time? No, GMT is not a Web standard - it is common to see Eastern, Pacific or local times displayed.GMT seems too confusing for daily life. Let's say you want to play an online game at 6:00 pm GMT and watch TV at 7.00 pm. This is confusing - the mind has difficulty thinking in two conventional time zones at once. New Earth Time solves the problem by using a different scale - the global day is divided by 360. It is an abstract time. You play online at 270° NET and watch TV at 7.00 pm. The times do not get inter-mingled and confusion is minimised."

To make it worst... summer/winter times change on different dates and are opposite on nothern/south hemispheres (i.e. Mexico vs. New Zealand) One day is 5 hours difference, then is 6 for a couple of weeks and later is 7 hours for example.

Something that puzzles me, is that we are on the day change line, we are the first ones to start the day, and still, we get the news from other countries 2 days later... is like there was a coriolis information-time effect : time goes clockwise, but news and events travel counter-clock wise.

If only we could time-travel... What would you do if you could time-travel? Don't tell me you would use it to achieve "world peace" this is not an american beauty pageant. OK.

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