Tuesday, July 08, 2008

U21 Design Forum

universitas 21An invitation for anyone from U21 member institutions with a practical interest in learning space design and/or a professional role in this field – including property and real estate leaders, audio-visual and information technology staff, educational and curriculum designers, professional/faculty developers and academics to participate in the second U21 Design Forum hosted by the University of Hong Kong on November 10-14 2008.
The design forum is intended to engage participants in discussion and design activity aimed at creating new generation learning environments in higher education. An important aspect of the forum is its aim to promote inter-disciplinary approaches to the design and development of improved learning environments. The 2008 Design Forum will focus on the challenge of creating more effective on-campus learning environments beyond the regular classroom. In particular, it will address the design and development of:
  • a ‘learning commons’
  • external settings to enliven the campus and create a more engaging environment for staff and students
  • the challenge and opportunities presented by campus heritage buildings.

Like the previous design forum, this event is designed to engage participants in small, inter-disciplinary teams in real-life design activity based on actual campus settings drawn from the HKU context. However, the intention is to build the participant’s knowledge and skills in ways that can be applied in their own professional role at their respective institution.

For more information and contact details, visit the U21 Event release.

U21 Member Institutions are:
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