Monday, June 30, 2008

Advertising is a monkey business

So called "experts" have been saying that the advertisement trend is to go "viral" i.e. make it look as if a commercial was recorded on a cellphone and edited by an amateur YouTuber. However, the latest trend is what I call "performance advertising" (if that term becomes famous, I'd like some credit). Since Honda's cog advert, there has been a trend (at least amongst Japanese corporations) to do commercials that are more like an artistic performance caught on tape, rather than any of the old fashioned styles.

Sony has been successful before with the Bravia adverts: the bouncing balls, the paint explosions, the homping bunnies, and now... they lost their inspiration, so they flooded Miami with foam more or less just like Homer Simpson already flooded Springfield. Now they're trying to get the same success for their other lines of products: handicams, walkman and maybe later we'll see something for Vaio. But the production of these latest adverts feels just like a copycat in a hurry, and they lack the freshness of their successors. The orchestra video for walkman is just lame... It seems like a copy of "Les Luthiers" with some "informal instruments" but without any of the fun. Sony are not the only ones obsessed with music themed performance advertising, Hewlett Packard did this office orchestra:

And Honda used a choir to simulate the sound of a car:

A long time ago, Sony used a monkey that enjoys cheesy music to advertise the walkman... (or "walkape"?) ... Now, Cadbury went ape with what it seems to be an audition for american idol... and they're not monkeying around!

Advertising is sometimes like the donkey which played the flute.

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