Friday, June 06, 2008

Midsummer Glau's dream

The company AI ROBOTICS was founded 2 years ago by Etienne Fresse and Yoichi Yamato, both robotics specialists working on developing cutting-edge technologies. During the last 3 years they have dedicated all their time and energy to their project “robot woman LISA” aka "the perfect woman" thanks to the (very) generous support of foreign investors. Lisa will be presented to the public on June 11 2008, if you can't wait until next week, you can make a pre-order already.

Lisa is an anthropomorphic robot. She never gets a headache (at least that's what they guarantee) and she uses “Recognition Krax System” RKS technology , which allows for vocal, tactile and visual recognition. RKS technology is based on 3 main senses: the sense of touch, the sense of sight and the sense of hearing. Through RKS the robot becomes highly autonomous and requires hardly any human intervention, except for training purposes.
LISA - the perfect woman robotThe sense of touch: Lisa's surface is covered by thousands of micro-sensors. Each of these sensors has a special function. Some measure temperature, others register proximity and touch. The data of each sensor alone is not very helpful, but combined all the gathered bits of information provide valuable results. By analysing the temperate and touch sensors' data Lisa can for example distinguish her proprietor from other people.

The sense of hearing: RKS technology is based on technologies for the interpretation of collected data (ICD). The hearing sense is mostly created through vocal recognition. Sound sensors are located near the ears and send the arriving signals to the on-board computer which then analyses the data. These sensors register the tonality and the amplitude. They also split the signals into syllables just like vocal recognition programmes do. Like for the sense of touch it is the combination of these pieces of information that allows for augmented use. By associating tonality, amplitude and syllable recognition Lisa is for example able to distinguish between different tones of voice (question, excitement, sorrow…)

The sense of sight: Lisa possesses 2 micro cameras that are directly connected to her internal computer. Through these 2 cameras she can register large amounts of information simultaneously and for example follow the movements of objects or recognize certain people. This works like this: first the "scene" is divided into several levels – foreground, background etc. Each level is then again segmented into zones and finally every object is detached from its background and analysed.
Lisa's intelligence is not fixed. She can connect to the internet wirelessly whenever she encounters an unknown situation, object or piece of news... or thinks she's going to get a headache and needs to download a virtual aspirin. A male version will be available in the near future... However, Summer Glau's Otaku fans will be disappointed, 'cause it will be a while until they develop a robot like Cameron Phillips. Did I mention that Lisa never gets a headache?

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