Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pillowfight of the future

E.M.A. fembotYou probably have heard about some robot challenges like soccer games, mazes, and robot demolition derbies... but we're rapidly approaching the era of fembot's pillowfights and mud-wrestling. Sega Toys just released an info pack (2008年06月12日) about their "new" Eternal Maiden Actualization (E.M.A.) which is in fact just an updated or localized version of WowWee's Femisapien, a fembot that can blow kisses.

Fembot FT FemaleTypeFT (FemaleType) on the other hand, is a very sexy "top model" robot developed by RoboGarage at Kyoto University. "FT is the result of Tomotaka Takahashi’s desire to create a female type robot. I took over a year of development by Takahashi, who believes that half of all robots will be “female” in the near future. FT’s parts were designed specially to express a lean, feminine body line. Twenty-three motors, controlled by an onboard computer allow FT to move gracefully; SHIN-Walk enable her to walk like a woman. In addition, Takahashi consulted with professional fashion models to make FT’s movements even more lifelike." Watch the video of FT on a fashion catwalk... amazing!

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