Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spastic Centre Fire Appeal

The Spastic Centre, an Australian clinic for people with cerebral palsy was devastated by a fire last december:

The Spastic Centre Fire Appeal - Community Help Urgently Needed

The Spastic Centre needs help from the community if it’s to recover from the disastrous fire which destroyed its Head Office at Allambie Heights.

Spastic Centre devastated by fire‘The fire has devastated our nerve centre. It’s been a terrible blow for The Spastic Centre family’, said CEO Rob White. ‘We’re very grateful though that no one was killed or injured, and that our 35 residents living onsite are safe.’

For over 60 years The Spastic Centre has helped build futures for people with cerebral palsy (CP). It provides therapy, services, education and equipment for children and adults with CP.

‘The Spastic Centre needs help to rebuild. The community helped us build the first time. Now we urgently need the community to help us rebuild, so that we can deliver the best possible care for people with CP’, said Rob White.

What a difference a week makes. Only the weekend before The Spastic Centre hosted a Christmas party for several hundred children with cerebral palsy and their families. ‘A week later we’re looking at the charred, smoky shell of our Head Office, and clearing up the site.’ Rob White said.

The fire that gutted the 4,000 square metre Head Office site is a catastrophe. The estimated damage runs into millions of dollars.

The Spastic Centre staff are distressed by this crisis - the disruption to client services, years of work now lost, and the destruction of their workplace. About 100 staff will need to be relocated, and The Spastic Centre is looking for alternative premises.

The Spastic Centre is asking for community assistance to help rebuild - brick by brick.

Donate now at any Commonwealth Bank or on the donation hotline 1300 850 538 for The Spastic Centre Fire Appeal.

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