Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai (新年快樂)

dragon dance - Chinese new yearWe went to a Chinese New Year event at Sky city (pictures here). One of my wife's colleagues is one of the organizers. It was quite small, but very nice. We enjoyed the lion dance, music, dance... at the end she said: "OK, let's do something with the public to finish this event" and I knew she was going to pick us... That's how I ended up trying more or less to say as I could "Greetings and be prosperous!" in Chinese... I was just repeating along what she told me to, although I may have said something completely different, I dunno, something that sounds similar like: "green things and beer 'n asparagus".*

Happy new year, easter, carnival, eclipse or whatever you celebrate to everyone!


* reminds me of : "Este zeto se tostó; Eso es sed esto es tos. Qué es esto? o tosté a toto o se destetó teté... OH! Esto es todo!"
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