Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bono & the Wellington airport

Like Randy would say: "is this the biggest? or what?" According to Wellington Airport, this project is endorsed by famous NZ personalities The Rock - Wellington International Airport - exterior(using celebrities to endorse a product is one of the 12 kinds of advertisement) It doesn't matter if the celebrity endorser actually knows anything about the subject, but it sure works to impress weak minds). Let's see: We have someone from Weta studios, you know the ones that made the special effects for LOTR like the orcs, mount doom, etc. I guess he would like to see the city transformed into some kind of middle earth's Mordor. Then someone from "world of wearable art"... the ones that organize a fashion show with clothes made out of garbage, and an MP/Nurse that in my view doesn't have a reputation of having so much of good taste... it probably got influenced by this article (click on the picture gallery to see the spookiest objects ever).

It's not a matter of who endorses a project, it's a matter of doing things right. And this looks like it has serious flaws and horrible taste (inside and out). If they wanted to create a rocky look, they could (and should) have explored the aesthetic much further. The Rock - Wellington International Airport - interiorThis is a typical mistake of a novice designer: to hold on to the first intention. Yes, sometimes the essence of the first intention is good because it is free from other constraints that will raise later during the project, but sometimes it is "raw", it needs to grow or develop into a mature idea. But you have to be careful to extract the essence from Number 1, to create a perfume and not actually "eau de toilette"; or you can end up with a big Number 2 like Randy... or like this case, with 2 big ones in the middle of the airport.

livingstonesI have nothing against the concept of organic rock elements instead of hard geometric forms... in fact they could have designed the interior using the amazing "livingstones" "les coussins galets" by Stephanie Marin (via) to go with the "rock theme"... although, I don't know if they actually look like rocks or as Halloween pumpkins! (I mean the terminals, not the coussins!)

Another nice feature for the terminals could be a "distance make out lounge" using Tomoko Hayashi's "mutsugoto", just like they sometimes have free internet booths for travelers at some airports. (check out the video)
mutsugoto"Mutsugoto is an interactive installation that invites couples to experience an intimate communication over a distance. Begin by laying on the bed and wearing the special ring. As you relax and think about your partner, gently move your hand around your body. These movements are traced on your own body as well as your partner laying in the other bed." (via)
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