Wednesday, February 20, 2008

unPC vs NZmac

First, I thought about just inserting a small update on my previous post about advertisement campaigns from NZ army, police, navy, etc. I don't want to get political here, but this crosses over into bad adversing due to political incorrectness /propaganda. This week we have been literally bombarded by TV ads for the army. The scene goes : Soldiers are riding on a Pinzgauer truck and come across some women walking by. The women are carrying their babies... or so you might think. The task is to identify (spot) the "suicide bomber woman" carrying "illegal" weapons.

Why? Why didn't they choose normal guerrilla soldiers? Why women with babies? In the long run this only serves as propaganda that civilians (specially suspicious women carrying babies) may be suicide bombers. Yes of course, they should be carrying their babies on a Mountain Buggy as any (western) civilized person would do. It's their fault that they carry their babies like that, making it difficult to recognize if they are "good" or "bad". Come on!!! Later on, we complain about innocent civilian casualties... or people turning into racists. I just have to agree with Tucholsky once again. Just look at this comments from YouTube users:
"Take aim all of them first, tell them not to move, open the door, if anyone makes any sudden moves, shoot. Then take home there guns as trophies."

"just shoot first and then ask the questions"
Is that the kind of attitude that the army is looking for with this kind of advertisement?

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