Thursday, July 28, 2005

Soon, from Omicron Persei 8

Last sunday we went to the movies before our discount tickets expire. The "less" bad movie was "what the #$*! do we know?" It's actually niether good or bad... it's weak for a movie, probably good on TV. Anyway it was nice to see Marlee Matlin... she's still as gorgeous as when she appeared on "Children of a lesser God". It's a pity that we can't see here on TV the PBS's series on quantum physics: "the elegant universe" which seems more serious and in depth. You can watch the videos on their site, but it's horrible for me since I only have dial-up.

Speaking of strings, vortex, parallel universes and time travel... Next monday night I'll fly to L.A. to spend monday morning visiting this installation : "Maximilian's Schell" (via designboom) I hope it's close to the Disney Hall which I also want to visit (have a look at this ARCspace page... they have the real Ghery sketches). If you don't like the inconvinience of time travel (10 hours flight) you can still visit "Fotos de arquitectura" They have nice shots of some beautiful buildings like "Casa da Musica" by Koolhaas or Casa Schröder by G. Rietveld. (via look there for the photo collection on Eisenman's holocaust memorial) much better than verctorpark!

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