Saturday, July 09, 2005

Military technology

Some countries spend their money on intergallactical propaganda fireworks, others on photography. I found this design standards from NASA when I was searching for anthropometric data. Some of this information is quoted on many ergonomics books like Sanders/McCormick. The anthropometrics and biomechanics chapter is a must see for designers. So, it's good to have that on line as a first hand resource. After all, not all that money goes to waste on fireworks.

From outerspace tech, to down to under-the-sea tech... here's a very nice underwater Zenit camera (via Ektopia ) says that the MF1 is considered official Russian military technology... What a relief that I haven't used mine in quite some years... I risk being mistaken to have some kind of weapon... and nowadays with all those terorirists, and all, it's not a good idea.

zenith mf1

Enjoy the weekend!
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