Thursday, June 23, 2005

Holly transportation!

Well, the title doesn't refer to the Pope-mobile. Last weekend we saw one of those movie teasers about the new Batman movie. One thing I was really impressed was the car. Although I liked Tim Burton's movies... the car was awful. This time is really in their own words: "an hybrid of a hummer and a lamborghini". I liked the concept from a design point of view, I mean... user centered design.

If batman needs to jump, fly, ride across unimaginable terrains... he needs something like a hummer. But he's a millionnaire with Aston Martins and Ferraris on his garage, so why would he have to ride on a horrible car? The batmobile should be stylish, so why not a Lamborghini? You just cross both, and ...voilá!

I'm on a big dilemma here... I don't know which one to buy next time: the new batmobile or the classic homermobile. Which one is your favourite?

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Anonymous Hooper said...

In the movie Bruce Wayne did drive a lambourgini!!!!

Those cars make an average of 7.5 chicks a mile!

I saw the movie just yesterday and to be honest I never really liked the battank from the previews, now after seeing it on action I think it's a rather nice piece of hardware.

Of course those front weel joints would never whitstand the stress, and the tires are for off road only, but what the heck! if you believe the lil' bugger can jump, you can believe anything!.

At least they didn't use the typical tire screech soundclip, the one they use I liked a lot.

One thing I found interesting in the movie -at last for me- is that the action heroes of my chilhood are now so old they are the mentors of the new generation.

This movie makes a good effort on focusing on Bruce's life but completely forgets the rest of the characters, it happily rest on an excelent and experienced supporting cast (minus the girl-to-be-lover).

It's evident the lack of directory hand in the suporting cast character development, they were left to do their own stuff and for the most part it was a good thing.

Michael Cane, Rutger Hauer, Gary Oldman, even Ken Watanabe and to a lesser degree Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman all played Batman-like characters in their time, so it is a little of a irony to have them pass the torch to a younger hero.

Christian Bale did surprised me, all memories I had of him were tainted by "American Psicho" and even though I had excelent reviews of him on "the Machinist" I'm yet to watch that movie.

The big cast mistake was Katie Holmes, she was also left to her own devices, but she shows her lack of experience as an actress, she brings nothing to the character and in thruth, her realtionship with Batman/Bruce is ill treated from the start.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, I'm not telling about a BIG plot goof, but watch out for the REAL effects of a big weapon used in the plot.

What are your thoughts?

...Matta ne!

4:55 AM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, just the TV teaser... we have some discount tickets, but they are for Rialto cinemas. So I guess we'll have to pay full price to see that one.

Of course Batman is a dinosaur! Don't you remember that they used to call him on the loudspeakers at our High-school? Recuerdas Lampinho?

Well, I remember one time when some of my friends were talking about Feraris, Porches, etc... my mother came to the living room and said; "you are a bunch of dreamers, discussing about those cars when you take the bus to school or drive a crappy 1970 Datsun. Get real!"

And here I am... talking about expensive cars when my crappy mazda has a major shortcircuit! It rains, and the lights go on. Yesterday was the second time that it drains the battery (even with the switch off). Now we have to disconnect the battery each night, until I figure out where is the damn shortcircuit.


9:08 AM  
Anonymous Hooper said...

Don't unplug the battery!!! you are very likely to damage the battery or the electronics... or short circuit yourself!.

A better option is to unplug the fuse that feeds the lights

The surreal thing about those expensive cars we dreamed about is that now they are available for buying here in Mexico, of course that doesn´t make them any more available for US

Anyway my Pointer has someting that makes it better than any other... it's mine!.

Getting back to Batman... one other funny thing to look at, is that on trying to avoid any references to Tim Burton, they changed the face of Gotham City, well half of it.

On one hand there are the typical high buildings in Manhattan-Deco, but for the other side of the river (literally) they imported some third world Favelas really!!

Is fun to see white blond kids playing in the top of the favelas like they were any crianças.

...matta ne!

12:59 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...


This weekend there was horrible weather! even a small tornado crossed through Auckland. So I had to wait to have a look at the problem with the lights of the car.

I replaced the switch a couple of weeks ago... and I was frustrated that it was something else.

But no... the problem was with the switch: it has many copper plates that move with plastic wedges. The problem you know, is that copper is very sensitive to temperature... the plate was suposed to be bent (rounded) ... but when it's cold, it gets straight...and makes unwanted contact. That it's why the lights suddenly go on when it's cold (I thought it was the rain, but no, it was the cold).

So I had to bend the thing a little bit more, and presto! (I hope). I saved some bucks with that... because any mechanic would have said: "just replace the whole thing... and it costs $600 plus labour".

No way!

Now, about the origami... I found a site with hentai origami if you are interested let me know.


12:05 AM  

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