Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Kitscho & Stitch

::NEL:: Stitch kit
Check out the stitch kit (via designboom) designed by a mexican team. Felicidades compatriotas! If you like "more conventional" furniture, there's also this stainless steel chair... or the XXXXL chair which is a bit (or a lot!) kitschig. Is amazing how blury the line between kitsch and good design is nowadays... maybe because some design magazines and reviews are not so critic about bad taste as before.

Speaking of kitsch. Is there something more kitschig than a plush chair? Yes, there is : an acrylic chair painted with a faux plush finish!
Aïtali developed a fine printing process for surface ornaments like plush fur, leafs, paint splatters, faux wood, etc, over a material similar to acrylic. Karim Rashid also designed a couple of chairs for Samy Aït-ali. There's no doubt that when someone gets famous, there's a great risk of catching kitschingitis. Maybe I'll review some basics about kitsch later on. That might work as vaccination for some design students.

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