Friday, July 22, 2005

Fritz and Moritz

Last time we were in Guadalajara, Alejandra Ulloa showed us the spanish translation of Chris Van Allsburg's book "the mysteries of Harris Burdick" published in Mexico by Fondo de Cultura Economica. The next day we went to Lafayette to buy a copy. I've only seen a few of his drawings for Jumanji and Polar Express, but the mysteries are just fascinating and still my favourite illustrations. Students from Rockingham School in Canada wrote some of the possible stories that could go with each drawing.

Cottage of the HorticulturistThere are many sections on Van Allsburg's site. You'll find videos like the one based on his story "Ben's dream". But what I've found most interesting is this sculpture. Just like his stories, it makes you think about all the possible things that could happen inside and arround that greenhouse: who is the owner? what is he/she like? are there more houses inside (like a matrioshka)? What kind of vegetables or flowers are inside?

Art is all about communication, transmiting ideas. Sometimes the messages are not open to any interpretation, they are just a message to be understood. Eventually, there are art pieces that provide that message, but in our minds, it also opens a question about it. It's like some movies that you have to discuss for days or months, books that change the way you look at things, songs that move your neurons and not just your body. Van Allsburg's drawings and books are just like that, you can't stop thinking about more stories and mysteries...

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