Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lavender mist

lavender mistThis has been really a bussy week. I just finished the preliminary CAD sketches of the standers and now it's time to arrange bureaucratic issues with IRD, bank, customs, etc, etc... Anyway, someone sent me this interactive flash site to create Pollock-like images. It's not as amusing as the crazy rabbit... but you have to "shake-it" aswell.

I am not a great fan of Pollock, maybe because when I was in pre-school, my friends used to show me their "diversiones maravillosas" paint splatters when I was already learning perspective drawing and I saw nothing particular about those ink stains. Maybe Pollock's mom was as proud as my friend's moms about his messy paintings... and they also may had a good washing machine at home! (my parents didn't, well... they had one but it was the maid that washed by hand).

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