Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hello, I'm bored tonight

Alex Dragulescu's spam architectureA malicious spam-bot has been attacking our feedback forms for the last couple of days, sending a new spam message every half an hour... how annoying is that! Alex Dragulescu found a way of making something useful out of junk e-mail. Using a special computer program and (I imagine) some complicated algorithms, the program translates patterns, keywords and rhythms found in the text of those junk e-mails into three-dimensional modeling gestures. So there you go, this is how messages like: Cheap Viagra and Cialis, repl1ca w4tch3s Rolex, cheap canadian medications, nude pics of Vanessa Hudgens, next month's playboy cover features Chelsea Clinton, Get Obama's tools, homeric superficial rangoon instalment bliss, Rapper 50 Cent To Be John Mccains Choice For V.P., or 25% discount on your flute... may look like when put to better use.


Update: Thanks to, I finally managed to install a free captcha protection service on our contact forms. If you have a similar problem, I recommend you their service.

CAPTCHA Service. Protect Web Form!
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