Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fractal Robot

fractal robotThis robot is not my favourite design, but it's quite nice how the robot "paints" itself ad infinitum. I wonder if there's a fractal palindrome... or a fractal answer to the question "what was first: the chicken or the egg?" I am not an eggspert, but I believe the reason why we don't have an answer resides in the question itself. Shouldn't it be "hen" instead of "chicken"? In that case, "egg" would come before "hen" in the Webster's dictionary.

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Anonymous Hooper said...

Dammit man, mega-congrats on your new endeavor populating this world!!!!
Now you have something in common with HellBoy ^_^

I can't believe I took this much to get the news... hotmail account was cancelled for a violation of terms of use (I just refused to bend over) so I lost all my mail --It didn'n help that also your letters were "redirected" to the spam bin **wonder why**

I know this is not the place, so I'll write more latter.

**Big kiss and hug to Frau Sandra**

3:33 PM  

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