Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Delay Lama

race for tibetA very cool way to show your support to the Tibetan cause, now that the Olympic games are just a sigh away is Audionerdz's Delay-Lama. This gizmo-widget is actually a VSTi plug-in for audio synthesizers. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to use it using GarageBand, but you can play with it using other (serious) MIDI hosts like HostX (UB) or "The Ugly VSTi Interfase"delay lama, however, you'll need a real midi controller/editor to be able to manipulate the pitch... or you can do it by hand just for fun. I've trying to get my Delay Lama to sing Monteverdi's Orfeo Ouverture but he still sounds more like a drunken Japanese singing karaoke than a Tibetan Monk. You can watch some of Delay Lama's performances on youTube, they're hillarious!

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