Wednesday, April 18, 2007

5 bad satisfaction design

Since I got married, I've never had electric power tools, like jigsaw, electric drill, etc... The reason is simple, we moved around the world every couple of years, and every country has not only different power plugs but also different electric voltage. So, it was pointless to buy electric tools, and then not be able to use them later.

Last month I started building the new stander prototype (sorry I can't show you until it's registered) and also started renovating our bathroom, so I needed some electric tools. I bought the cheapest generic (patito) brand tools for just $15 bucks each: jigsaw, sander and drill (The real ones are around a hundred dollars each). They did the job very well... but there was a small problem with the power drill:

You see, it is one of those reciprocating "hammer" drills, which means, not only it rotates, but it also has a hitting hammer like movement to make holes on concrete. I have no idea why a kiwi would need a reciprocating drill, when there are no masonry houses here! Anyway, there is a small lever or button to set the drill to normal (no hammering) or hammer mode. The problem is, that the button is larger than the form of the housing, and when you put the drill down (I mean when you stop and leave it on the working bench or floor) the button moves to hammering mode because it is too long and it moves to that position by the own weight of the drill. So every time I started making a new hole, I had to check the button, again and again, and again. Either it is not ergonomically well thought, or I should become left handed to use that drill, or maybe get me one of these power tools next time! If you think that's too chauvinistic, here's the video version for girls or the fans of Tokio Hotel.

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