Sunday, April 08, 2007

3 bad loo design

I already told you about our bathroom renovation and my crusade to find a flat (matt) finish enamel.... but there's more: I also had some trouble selecting the right colour, there are literally hundreds of shades of beige, but they are all too much saturated, I wanted something soft (pastel) So I asked the guy to mix just half the dose of the colour. The first time was perfect! But one 1lt can was not enough, so I bought another can. This time there was another guy at the store... and when I asked him to open the can to show me the mix, he just grumbled (refunfuñar) and I noticed that it was the same colour as the full dose sample paper, but then I thought that it would probably clear down when dry. But it didn't. So I just mixed it with a bit of white that I had, but even with that new can it was still not enough paint anyway.

So today we went shopping again to get the last can of paint. I hope to finish that bathroom during the holidays, because I still have a lot of work before my trip. Anyway, afterwards we went to Botany Downs to have tea at Nando's, but I needed to make a technical stop at the public loos. Of course that I washed my hands afterwards... but when I wanted to get out of there... I had to pull the door(s) not just one door, but 2 !

My point is, that it is a bad idea that people who enter can push the door (there are no handles from the outside, just some plastic pads to push) but when you want to leave (after washing your hands) you have to touch the handles to pull the door! That is so unhygienic! Many people do not wash their hands... it's just awful and grouse . Besides, many public buildings install their doors using the "american" standard: doors open to the outside, because in case of an emergency, people can get out of the building easier. I hate that standard, because for me it's a matter of symbolism: when you want to get in, the building "doesn't want you to get in" because the door is repelling you, instead of inviting you to come in. But in the case of public bathrooms, I think it's a matter of hygiene. In old times, when they used to have small paper towels, I used to take a couple of towels to grab the door handles. But now that most toilets only have those hot air thingies... you have no other option but to get dirty!

cybertoiletsLuckily, the door issue is not a problem at cybertoilets. This blog has always been fully equipped with comfortable cybertoilets for your convenience, they use the latest in online toilet technology including improved privacy, softer paper, and a better choice of reading material (graffiti or a choice of tabloids, newspapers and magazines) and of course, you can wash and dry your cursor (hands) afterwards... and you don't have to touch any dirty handles to exit.

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Blogger Greg said...

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2:39 AM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

Thanks Gregg!

That would be a good solution. The arguments they feature, are more or less what I was saying.

12:37 AM  

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