Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Awesome Possum

What I like about student's projects is that because they are not already biased with constraints or too much knowledge, they are capable of thinking "outside the square". Well, not everyone does it, but they are more likely to be capable of. That's why events like Salone Satellite get so much attention, they showcase fresh ideas that old designers sometimes are too square to dare.

I found this article about Ignacio Ruiz Gutierrez, an industrial design student at ITESM campus Guadalajara who developed a chair using dried straws ... which are of course environmentally friendly. It's the same kind of straws that was used to make old brooms... yes! like witches' brooms. Anyway, Ignacio won this year's design week competition with his chair called 'Don Jos', in fact, this is his eight design prize, and he is just in 5th semestrer! At this pace, he'll need a nice trophy holder like Homer's. Congratulations!

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