Wednesday, April 11, 2007

4 bad suicide design

I tell you... some companies spend literally millions on bad advertising. Take this example of Air New Zealand. This terrible campaign was made by Colenso BBDO :

1- A young girl (that looks kinda emo) is crying like waterfalls (they spend 15 seconds to make the point that something is wrong with that girl) ... suddenly, she decides to jump out of the window. Her soul flies over amazing New Zealand scenery until the camera stops at a farm, and the girl (or her ghost) approaches her grandpa, who comforts her.

An IT guy gets frustrated with his computer (as Avguro99 points out, his computer probably freezed and got a horrible BSOD) anyway, he is so frustrated with windows vista, that he thinks "hasta la vista" and ironically jumps out the window (XP)... again, his soul leaves his body, and flies to a retirement villa where his ghost haunts an old lady... probably to scare her that her time is up.

I mean... it can't be that the guy was actually expecting the old lady to be "on-line" for instant messaging chat or a video conference! where do they get the idea for that terrible plot? My point is... what the heck were those creatives thinking with the idea of someone jumping out of the window! Do they want to promote mass suicides? Those ads may have been perhaps appropriate for a Cell-phone company with just a small audio reference of a mobile phone ringing as the "ghost" approaches the people. In the case of an airline... it doesn't work! It's nonsense. They could have use a fast-motion sequence of the guy taking a taxi to the airport and that could have solved the suicide problem.

You see, that's the problem with encoding /decoding of messages, ideas or stories. For the creators, it was clear that is an air line advertising... for the viewer, is not clear until the end of the commercial... so, the story can be interpreted (decoded) in many ways, and it is usually the straight forward interpretation, which in this case is: those guys were so desperate, that they committed suicide by jumping out the window! In advertising, you can not risk that your idea could be interpreted in a wrong way, that means they are not delivering the message correctly.

By the way... the rugby commercial of last year (Super 14), the one with the gay players getting naked at the laundry. Well, they re-edited the commercial and cut off any "getting naked" or "playing with each other" scene. It still doesn't make any sense that they put their dirty clothes full of mud on the washing machine, sit there watching a rugby game, and then put on the clean jerseys again without taking a shower or at least putting some deodorant, but at least it looks more "kiwi bloke".

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Blogger Raul said...

At least there is an advertising company behind, here in Gdl we have to live with Ekar de Gas, Konmueble and a myriad of other local brands that neither have an advertising company or know anything about semantics, aesthetics or ethics.


12:32 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

I guess that's the problem with democracy on TV: it has to please everyone, and usually all programs and commercials sink down to the lowest common denominator.

Here is the that same story, we get many commercials targeted to the redneck kiwi blokes which are horrible!


12:54 AM  

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