Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tell me... v4.3

Why...? why every conference, event, competition, seminar, meeting, etc in recent years is using numerals as if it was a software version? The whole idea of that system is to enumerate intermediate versions or changes... like 2.5 would be the 2nd main version at a 5th sub-variant. If this is a yearly or biyearly event, with no other intermediate "sub-versions", then it should be just plain 2nd design congress etc. It would only make sense to have software-like numerals, when big events have "mini me" events throughout other times of the year, don't you think?

Designers (and many other people using computers) should be using a similar system to put names on their files. Instead of naming a document "report_final-version.doc" and then the next one is called "report_definitive-version.doc" and the next one : "definitely-the-last-ultimate-one.doc" so that the newest and final version is actually called: "ultra-mega-super-duper-file-and-there's-no-way-I-am-changing-this-again.doc" Doesn't it make more sense to just name your files in consecutive order: "sketch1.jpg" then "sketch2.jpg" ... u.s.w. and when you make change on one of those, you can use letters, for example "drawing 5b.jpg" isn't that so much easier?

dime mexico v2.0Anyway, DIME v2.0 will be held in Acapulco, Mexico on May 29-31... if it was not clear enough, it's their second year (and no fractional intermediate versions in between). The event suported by dicojal a! ReDiseno and Rhinos, gathers people from all design areas: architecture, jewelery, industrial, graphic, mechanic and digital. There will be 6 conferences : Lauren J. Pipkorn, Martin Broen, Phil Frank, Jorge Valdes, Jorge Moreno and Gabriel Sanchez; and 4 workshops, one by Maurizio Corbi.

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