Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Eat Chocolate, save the World!

I should have posted this on my message about the so called "carbon footprint"... but I just found it on my old bookmarks now that I am doing a bit of "winter cleaning". It's not a good way of reducing weight, it's about reducing carbon dioxide:

climate change chocolate"TerraPass' Climate Change Chocolate bar is meant to educate while tasting great. It comes in a wrapper with 15 tips for lightening your environmental impact. Thesebloomsberry NZ chocolates helpful hints teach you how to save energy by making small changes to your daily habits. And of course, thanks to Bloomsberry & Co., you can be sure the finest chocolate is attached to these green lifestyle lessons. Climate Change Chocolate comes with a verified TerraPass offset of 133 pounds of carbon dioxide reductions, the average American’s daily carbon impact. We hope this small offset will be the first taste of a lower-carbon lifestyle for Whole Foods shoppers who decide to take responsibility for their climate change impact. In addition, the carbon emissions associated with the production and distribution of the chocolate bar has been balanced out."
So, there you go, eat chocolate and save the planet!

Or you can try other bloomsberry chocolate remedies for: anger-management, balanced diet, mind detoxifying, birth control, etc.

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Blogger Russell said...

You should check our CarbonFree product certification program, if you really want to see environmentally friendly food.

Also, check out CarbonFree sugar.

- Russell

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