Sunday, June 17, 2007

El Explicao

Actually, this is an old story. Heriberto went to Budapest a couple of weeks ago for the opening of an exhibition of young architects from Guadalajara at Studio Gallery of György Kévés . The poster for the exhibition had a small but quite interesting text from Alvaro Morales discussing the rupture between young architects and the so called "escuela tapatía". The text was translated into Hungarian... of course we have no idea how they managed to translate words like: Jericaya or Tejuino... Hooper had an idea, to explain it like Les Luthiers: "The architects that participate in this exhibition identify themselves in things they love and hate, in their icons and things they reject, they are mexicans, they are (people that are born in the city of Guadalajara), but they don´t sleep wraped on a mexican flag, nor are they moved by the smell of a Guadalajara lost forever, and they don´t miss (a desert consisting of milk, egg, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla, cooked in baño María, and has a crystalized thin crust on top) or (a cold non fermented beverage made out of maize, sweetened with cane sugar and a bit of lemon and sugar...) when they are overseas."

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