Sunday, June 17, 2007

MSE Mantecon

Once again, I have left this blog unattended for a couple of weeks, workload on the Multisensory Environment Room has been crazy! My students are working really hard to get the work done in just 5 weeks and they have experienced many real life difficulties and situations. ITESM decided to sponsor the project, instead of having external sponsors, so we had to order all materials internally. For my students this was a shock, having someone else to buy material, because they had to fill a format with a detailed description of everything. Problem was, that there were many items on that list with no model, code or complete description. They forgot to include taxes... etc.
MSE IDeSS GuadalajaraWe also have a lot of pressure because every two days are equivalent to one week of work on a normal semester. For me has also been very demanding, but I am quite happy with the results so far. For my laptop, the workload seems to have been too much! It gave out its´ soul a couple of days ago. Now I´m working on borrowed computers. Next week we´ll start building the prototypes, and we have only two weeks to finish the room.

I received this invitation for a poster competition worth 6,000 Euro for a Portuguese wine company. If you are over 21 of age, it could be a good idea to taste and enjoy bottle of their wine.
Francisco Mantecon

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