Sunday, May 13, 2007

YouDome 250 ̊

biblioteca CUCI cienega - LEAPFrom 'round design to geodesic design (by the way, the 'round design title was inspired by Thelonious Monk's 'round midnight, not by a round shape) Anyway! There are certainly many interesting videos for every taste on youTube: I found this video of Eisenman criticizing Fuller's dome house. He may be right that it is hard to use a geodesic sphere adequately and the RBF house may not be the best example, but there are many domes that are quite nice. Take Norman Foster's dome over the Reichstag for example.

library CUCI cienegaI also found the movie trailer "Sketches of Frank Gehry"... which reminded me of the simpson's episode: "OH my god, snoopy stationery... cool!" Those are really two sides (or extremes) of the same coin (architecture) one rigid, calculated exact maths, the other sensitive, emotional based on Laboratorio en Arquitectura Progresiva - LEAPhow we perceive spaces and shapes... and that's another endless discussion, like if product design or architecture should be driven by aesthetic or function... which should follow the other. The pictures are the CU cienega library in Ocotlan, Jalisco by Raul Juarez and Heriberto Hernandez from LEAP which will be (finally) open next monday 14th of May with a ceremony with Governor Emilio González. Congrats!

On the May 14, 2007, the new Library and Media Center for the Universidad de Guadalajara (state university) in the city of Ocotlan, Jalisco, Mexico was finally opened to the public. This building was designed by Raul Juarez Perezlete (AAD Columbia University 1994), Heriberto Hernandez Ochoa and Jorge Hernandez Luquin, partners of the mexican design studio LeAP ( with offices in Guadalajara and Mexico City.This building is a pioneer in the implementation of standarized norms for accesibiliy for people with dissabilties; it has a set of ramps and aisles specially designed to make it 100% accesible. It will have a collection of 120,000 books, dvds, and videos in a total surface of 5,346 sqM, making it the biggest public library in the western region of Mexico, second only to the recently opened Central Library Jose Vasconcelos in Mexico City.

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