Tuesday, February 06, 2007


"Vida y diseño A.C." is a very special association. cuentacuantosI don't know how to describe it, but they do something similar to our "liaison" projects at ITESM... however, they "are" their own liaison association to link industrial design projects from UAM students to private and state institutions, and they also get funding and sponsors for those projects to get them into actual production. Of course, I am talking about projects for people with disabilities or universal design.

10 años diseñando para la discapacidadIn their forums, I found a very good article about product development evaluation. Something that is sometimes hard to convince the students to use as a tool. Quite interesting is the fact that in order to actually evaluate ideas using a morphological matrix (2), one needs a comprehensive PDS (Product Design Specifications) list. The better the list, the better the evaluation in terms of "reflection, analysis, critic, and further R&D into areas or issues that might have been forgotten". They also published a book with their best design projects in the last 10 years. Keep on the good job promoting a social benefit of Industrial Design! Congratulations!

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